G C S E English Past Papers

G C S E English Past Papers

… established himself in the literary circles of England, among his famous friends was Alexander Pop, Gay and Arbuthnot [Malaspina.com, 1999].

Swift not only had a deep ambition of taking part in the English politics he was also very critical of the corruption in English politics. Swift in this period of shuttling between England and Ireland started to write satires on the political and religious corruption surrounding …

… the text. Our understanding of the text changes through time and all our understanding is shaped by the present ideals and ideologies. Though every era and period develop their own understanding of the past texts and interpret with their own context it is essential to save the text in its original shape and I think that is what Swift stressed in his “Battle of the Books” the …

… 1999 at: http://www.malaspina.com/site/person_1094.asp?period_id=none&category_id=none

7. Lynch, J [2003]. Preventing Play: Annotating the Battle of the Books. Rutgers University at: http://newark.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/Papers/annotate.html


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