Galileo The Scientist S Biography Essay Example

Galileo The Scientist S Biography Essay Example

… hoped he would become a priest (Babkin, 1949, PBS). Pavlov however, was much more inclined to follow scientific theory, and instead turned to chemistry and physiology as his career path. Pavlov particularly enjoyed the study of digestion and blood circulation, and was later appointed a professor of physiology at the Imperial Medical Academy (Babkin, 1949, PBS).

Ivan Pavlov is best known for the discovery of the function …

… Pavlov further studied the digestive glands through a series of experiments, and concluded that a temporary reflex was involved in secretions induced by food stimuli (PBS, 1998).

Most people recognize Pavlov as the scientist who rang the bell. Pavlov did indeed ring a bell and then give his experimental dogs food, and the dogs became conditioned to salivate when a bell rang even if no food were …

… and held in high regard in his country and around the world. He won a Nobel Prize in 1904 for his research in digestion (PBS, 1998).
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