Gay Marriage Morals Essay

Gay Marriage Morals Essay

… an exotic island with all of wealthy husband’s money and William Hurt in prison trying to prove his innocence.
This film was clearly made for entertainment purposes, but it does have some morals. It shows that greed ,sex, and desire for power can drive people to do things that they would not normally do. It also shows that people are often irrational because they want power. …

… some horror films), which must
have struck these young men as a particularly clever idea, the more so since
much of the lust and violence is played for laughs. In any case, the marriage
of horror and noir is sheer miscegenation. The horror film thrives on creating
an atmosphere of unreality within reality, in which the weirdly irrational
becomes plausible.

Romper Stomper

Films characterizing violent subcultures in …

… Badge of Honor,
a television cop show which is Dragnet in all but name. His access to the
celeb circuit allows him to make celeb arrests for 1950s-style celeb crimes –
dope smoking, gay sex – and take a kickback from the sleazy editor of a sleazy
celeb magazine , who gets to photograph the collars.
Representing the older, thuggish strain of police work is the crew-cut Bud

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