Gender Bending Marian Halcombe Essay

Gender Bending Marian Halcombe Essay

… slaves who managed to emancipate wrote on their experiences, while other contemporary authors wrote on subjects those fictitious subjects that mocked the society of those days. [Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations From the Revolution Through the Civil War , Marian Evans otherwise known by her pen name of George Eliot was born in London, where she spent most of her life. Eliot, because of her fathers Victorian attitudes about the proper role of women, received little formal education. Nevertheless, the advantages of an upper-class family and an extraordinarily …

… Writing, “Her male pseudonym, her apparent identification with her masculine narrators, and perhaps most importantly, her role as an intellectual: all of these may have made it possible for Eliot to elude the despotic rules of a gendered canon. However, gender has always been an issue in reading Eliot’s work. One remembers the Saturday Review’s estimation that Adam Bede “was thought to be too good for a woman’s story”. “ [Triangle Journals – Womens Writing,]
“Caroline Levine identifies both a …

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