Gender Differences With Short Term Memory Essay

Gender Differences With Short Term Memory Essay

When Jeff Immelt took over the management reins of General Electric, he assumed control of the most valued corporation in the world. GE makes everything from light bulbs to jet engines, from power plants to television sitcoms (“Immelt to be the next GE C

… CEO”). He also brought a management style that was distinctly different from that of his predecessor, the legendary Jack Welch.
This paper examines the differences between the management styles of Welch and Immelt, focusing particularly on Immelt’s new policies regarding the hiring of minorities and the new cooperative decision …

… GEs corporate research laboratories to shift from shortterm goals to more long-range projects (“General Electrics Future…”).
As the international economy is increasingly focused on innovation and technological change, all these changes bode well for the long-term future of General Electric. Many analysts believe that the …

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