Gender Trouble Paper

Gender Trouble Paper

… established sex role stereotypes.
It appears that there have been some generational shifts in the behavior and social expectations placed upon men by society and by themselves, but the interview process in this paper indicates that makes are still socially isolated in many ways and have unrealistic expectations of themselves and the society that they operate in.
This writer interviewed three men on the issues of co …
… could be seen.

The Interviews and Results by Topic

Co-Dependence and Sex-Role Stereotypes:
Throughout history men and women have been sex role stereotyped by society and expected to fit within specific gender roles. However, there appears to be a dramatic change in the way men are operating in society and sex role stereotypes and gender roles are not as strong as they once were.
In …

… and that no one else could understand him. he did not share feeling with anyone. Did not want to visit with people and he indicated that having other people around was nothing but trouble. He wanted nothing to do with it. He also told me “I see people when I want to and I never take my coat off. I am not staying long. Ill see …

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