Geneva Summit 1955 Essay

Geneva Summit 1955 Essay

… USSR recognized “that nuclear weapons had produced a revolution in military affair, making war among the great powers, while still a possibility, no longer a sane policy recourse.”
This all led to the spectacular brainchild of the Central Intelligence Agency, the U-2 spy plane. It took flight in 1955 and afforded the United States breathtaking details of its adversaries in action. The U-2 was developed beginning in December 1954 by Clarence ‘Kelly’ Johnson at the Lockheed ‘Skunk Works’ in Burbank, California. “Project Staff was budgeted at $35 million to develop 30 planes and sophisticated cameras developed by Edwin …

… Soviet system and shed some of its foreign policy burdens. “Between 1986 and 1989 he brought a revolution to Soviet foreign policy, abandoning long-held Soviet assumptions and seeking new and far-reaching agreements with the West.” His efforts altered the dynamic of East-West relations. A series of summit talks beginning in 1985 led to the agreement to eliminate a whole class of nuclear missiles, those capable of striking Europe and Asia from the USSR and vice versa from the United States. The Soviets began to reduce its forces in Eastern Europe and in 1989 the wall that had …

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