Genovese Slavery Summary Essay

Genovese Slavery Summary Essay

Summary: This is four-page paper written in Rogerian style arguing for the stand that reparation should be paid, or is owed by the United States Government for the African Americans, the descendants of the African slaves. It has 5 sources.
Thesis Statement
The U.S. Government should not pay or owe financial reparations to the descendants of African slaves for the impact of slavery. The stand taken by the writer is for the reparations that should be paid or are owed by the United States Government.

Taking only a brief glimpse on the painful history of …

… 4 million people of the African descent were enslaved, bought and sold on the American continent similar to farm animals. Slavery thus was turned into an institution, and the beneficiaries were the white people of the same era, eventually making them millionaires and billionaires. Such was the practice of slavery that Africans and their children were forced to carry out such tasks as picking cotton, digging canals, building railroads, yet never getting paid for any work, not to mention the pain and labor put in by these slaves. Other industries that made common white people into virtual millionaires through enslavement …

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