George Marcus Articles Essay

George Marcus Articles Essay

… . Instead, he put together a series of meetings where senior officers and he would spend many hours trying to devise a form of government. Washington managed to persuade many of them that a military dictatorship was not the way.
In the years following the Revolutionary War, government followed the Articles of the Confederation. Washington was a major player in developing the Constitution, a position he was initially reluctant to take on. Still, once again, he was unanimously voted for and Washington had no choice. During the initial ratification of the Constitution, there was talk amongst the delegates of a president …

… a hero, and as we reflect on our history, Washington is an inspiration on what can be achieved through valor, and faith. He was a noble commander that gained the respect of his men through action and merit, not through rank.

“Thanksgiving Proclamation”
Reprinted in The Papers of George Washington, Presidential Series, v. 4, September 1789-January 1790. (Charlottesville and London: University Press of Virginia, 1993),131-32.

“The Will of George Washington”
Reprinted in The Papers of George Washington, Retirement Series, vol. 4, April – December 1799. (Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1999), 477-492.

“The Man Who Could …

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