The Gift Of The Magi Analysis By O Henry Essay Sample

The Gift Of The Magi Analysis By O Henry Essay Sample

Eliot’s duality as both a persona and a feminist is often a point of modern analysis as can be seen here:
It seems right that the real George Eliot, if there ever was such a person, still lies in an unconsecrated corner of Highgate Cemetery next to George Henry Lewes, while the self she created with her novels has just been resurrected into the immodestly pompous …

… and artistic attentiveness to the private consciousness of others fought a hunger for self-dramatization and an irrepressible instinct for self-display. (Auerbach 253)

Through a quote from a letter that Eliot wrote the reader can see her conviction to better the position of women is very real yet she was continually pulled back by the context of her life and her education. She had strong beliefs …

… of happy. (59)

Bumbleing on through his duties both unaware of mistakes and despite his unusual education. His plebian family history should never have ensured him an education.
Mr Barton had not the gift of perfect accuracy in English orthography and syntax, which was unfortunate, as he was known not to be a Hebrew scholar, and not in the least suspected of being an accomplished Grecian. These …

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