Gilbert The Grape Essay Example

Gilbert The Grape Essay Example

… in new French oak barrels. Although RMC’s initial business plan called for producing super- to ultra premium wines, the company later began to explore additional price points and niches in the domestic wine market that it could sell in high volume. RMC obtains eighty-eight percent of its grape supply from non-company owned vineyards. In the 1980s, the company formed global partnerships with France, Italy, and Chile to expand its international presence.
RMC has been moderately successful with its strategy. It was able to go public in a market not particularly receptive to the wine industry, raising nearly …

… ultrapremium market is ability to compete for grape sources with other large competitors such as Beringer, Kendall-Jackson, Sebastian Vineyards, UDV NA Wines, Gallo, and Canandaigua. In export markets, up and coming “new world” producers in the U.S., Australia, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa are making inroads on the leading wine exporting countries, France, Italy and Spain where RMC has partnered. Gallo accounted for approximately half of U.S. exports.
Based on the prevailing industry and competitive conditions and RMC’s current situation, the top issues that RMC’s management team needs to consider include:
§ Will the supply of …

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