Gimpel The Fool Character Outline Essay Example

Gimpel The Fool Character Outline Essay Example

… depict extravagantness in its appearance while attacking and insulting people or actions that concerns society, or even personal attacks on people. Greek comedies are less restrictive in its form, and do not possess the high quality of organization that tragedies possess.
2. The Chorus is essential to Greek tragedies because of the following functions:
a) The Chorus provides and informs the audience of the transitions in the …
… actors played in the tragedy; and
c) The Chorus comments and participates on the events happening in the play, oftentimes conducting a dialogue with one or more of the characters, usually the lead character of the play.
3. One of the primary costumes used in Greek tragedies are masks, which are described as elaborate and ‘unemphaticÂ’ in its character. Masks are important to tragic plays because it …

… mockery of the male character, particularly, the father, which is the head of the family unit. Most Roman New comedies puts men in humorous but difficult situations that make them look like a fool especially in humorous but quite serious situations. While men are still the focus on these plays, men are ridiculed as a result of the inverted quality New comedies has in portraying the norms …

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