Girl Interrupted Paper

Girl Interrupted Paper

… the teachers instructions on an activity for the day. The teacher instructed Luis to stay in the circle area along with three other children to start their activity. Luis got up to get a paper and pencil. When he came back he sat down Indian style again, put the paper on the carpet and began to draw a picture.
Interpretation: Fine motor skill, obedience, and self-help skill.
Luis quietly got up walked to the location where the papers, and pencils were at brought them back to the circle. This shows Luis demonstrating the self-help skill, obedience. He listens …

girl said: “No me gusta este papel”. The little girl got up went to get different color of paper and Luis got up and followed the Loida.

Interpretation: Social and Emotional Skills
It appears that Luis has normal social skills for someone his age. He listens to the young girl as she walks up to him and exclaims that she doesnÂ’t like the color of her pencil. He then inquisitively seems to follow her as she gets up to change her writing instrument. This inquisitive behavior demonstrates a good curious nature, and solid emotional need to be part of …

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