Gis Physical Geography Essay Sample

Gis Physical Geography Essay Sample

… Leopold’s book is sure to be referenced again and again even by experts in the field seeking a review of more basic concepts.
Goudie, A. and Thomas, D., eds. The Dictionary of Physical Geography. Blackwell Publishers, 2000.
The Dictionary of Physical Geography, edited by Goudie and Thomas, is an essential reference for both beginners and experts in the field. The book covers almost the entire field …

… and serves as an important reference for both students and educators. This edition is newly revised, and contains revised entries with additional information on new topics. The impressive 2000 entries include information on GIS, remote sensing, human impact, pedology, hydrology, zoogeography, climatography and geomorphology, among many others. Entries range from short descriptions to short and self-contained essays on numerous important themes.
Overall, The Dictionary of Physical …

… The book is obviously intended for those with some previous knowledge of physical geography, as many entries are written for those with existing knowledge.
Hess, Darrel and McKnight, Tom L. Study Guide Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation. Pearson, 2001.
Hess and McKnights textbook is a highly readable and engaging work geared to beginning undergraduates. it is easily understood by entry-level students, and contains a level …

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