Glass Ceiling With Minority In Communication Essay

Glass Ceiling With Minority In Communication Essay

… involve teachers more intensely in the assessment process (Glass, 1995)
• Group tests: Structured much like normal classroom activities, but typically presents a more difficult question or set of questions that must be answered (, 4/25/03)
• Journals and writing: A form of assessment that utilizes student journals as a means of communication and evaluation of daily progress (http://www.springfield.k12 …

… little other than placement and, occasionally, a crude form of program evaluation that is, as critics have rightfully stated, biased by extraneous factors such as socio-economic level, past achievement, and percent of minority students” (p. 3). In order to meaningfully evaluate the data collected from standardized tests, it must be measured by the appropriate indicators, and multiple forms are most feasible. Some examples include test scores …

… of the first twelfth grade class took place. In 1955, the school moved to its current location, where it now provides college preparatory, business education, vocational programs, music, and arts coursework for students, with numerous opportunities to achieve excellence in their educational endeavors. The primary objective of Charlotte Amalie is to “instill civic and personal responsibility and prepare students to become proficient, life-long learners, competitive workers …

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