A Glimpse at the Website: Common Sense About Kids and Guns Essay

A Glimpse at the Website: Common Sense About Kids and Guns Essay

Common Sense about Kids and Guns is a website that aims to promote safety measures on the dangers brought on by unsupervised access to guns (Common Sense about Kids and Guns, n.d., par.1). It is a no-profit organization that comprises gun owners as well as gun control advocates, gun manufacturers, child safety and crime prevention advocates collaborating in the pursuit of safeguarding American children from gun deaths and injuries (par.1).

In its website- www.kidsandguns.org, the organization stated is mission- to “reduce gun deaths and injuries to children and teens by promotion common sense safety measures and personal and community responsibility for preventing unsupervised access to guns (Common Sense about Kids and Guns, n.d, par.2). Furthermore, the site states that there are three “common sense solutions” that will greatly help in reducing gun-related crimes, injuries and death (par.5). These include: education about the dangers of unsupervised gun access, espousing responsible gun ownerships as well as safety measures on gun storage, and keeping an open line of communication between and among gun owners, non-gun owners, parents and children (par.5). In order to do so, the organization has launched a website and is in the process of starting a national media campaign on the subject.

The website is modeled after a typical home. There is an entry hall, family room, study and kitchen. Each room offers related topics. For instance, under the entry hall, one can find pages on how to donate, take action and press room. The family room pages serve as the static page, where information on the organization, as well as its activities is listed. The study room is where one can browse through news, data sheets and web resources of the website. There are news article on gun incidents in the country, linked from other websites. There are facts and statistics detailing the injuries, accidents and deaths that resulted from unsupervised gun access of children and teenagers. On the other hand, the kitchen is where one can browse through the bulletin board, parent quiz and family stories. The parent quiz is ideal for adults that have guns living with children for it allows them to brush up their knowledge on gun safety measures.

If the figures are not enough to serve as caution to anyone owning a gun and living with children, perhaps the family stories section will. The section tackles real-life tragedies that resulted from unsupervised access to gun. The stories serve as a reminder that this thing happen to anyone, anytime, regardless of sex, religion, and race.

Common Sense about and Guns is a good website not just for parents and children but those who are in contact with children and teenagers. There are a great number of tips one can learn. For instance, viewers can print the common sense safety tip downloadable from the site and tacked it up in a place where everyone can see. The tips listed in it are pretty basic, like storing guns properly in places inaccessible to children and teenagers or ensuring that it is locked up. It sounds basic, something that everyone should know but sometimes, accidents still happen. Thus, it is important for parents and children to encourage communication, for them to be able to talk about gun, the risks accompanying the use of it, etc. The same sheet may also be ordered in a refrigerator magnet form. Best of all, it is free of charge. It is a very easy and simple tip that any parent, child safety advocate and concerned citizen can do.

The website Common Sense about Kids and Guns is very much like the Common Sense pamphlet Thomas Paine produced in 1776. The pamphlet put into words why America needed to be independent. It stated the facts, like how it was time for the British monarchy to give U.S. its independence. In the same vein, the website Common Sense about kids and Guns do not only give facts and figures on injuries and crimes resulting from unsupervised gun access but also simple tips that may help control and possibly, avert accidents from happening. In other words, the website makes a lot of sense about kids and guns.


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