Global Warming Argumentative Paper

Global Warming Argumentative Paper

… is sustainable only up to a certain point. Most experts are in agreement that the point would be reached very soon. There are numerous negative ramifications of excessive population growth. Some of the more important sociological and environmental threats associated with such excessive population growth are discussed in this paper.
There are several factors responsible for poverty, but overpopulation brought about by an excessive population growth rate is one of its leading causes. Poverty is usually the result of high population density (such as in Bangladesh that has a population density of more than 950 persons per sq. km …

… per year and about 9 percent of the world’s tree species are at risk of extinction. (Ibid. Quote from UNDP’s March 2000 Report) Apart from the economic loss, such massive deforestation result in increasing flood damages.
Overpopulation and burning of fossil fuels is also giving rise to Global Warming triggered by the resulting rise in CO2 levels. The full ramifications of globalwarming and weather changes are still not clear but most scientists are convinced that it is a very real problem and higher temperatures are projected to threaten food supplies in the next century, while rising seas …

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