Globalisation Ethics Kazakstan Essay Example

Globalisation Ethics Kazakstan Essay Example

… anti-corruption pledges it has made.” When it is said the IMF carries a big club, this is an example of why it needs that club. Before Kenya begins once again enjoying much-needed infusions of capital, it must meet these IMF conditions: passage of anti-corruption and government ethics bills in Parliament; increasing the Attorney-General’s powers to prosecute corruption; and the development of a poverty reduction strategy paper (PRSP). The IMF monies have been cut off to Kenya since December 2000 – that’s when the “Anti-Corruption Authority” in Kenya was outlawed by a “constitutional court.”
Another …

… the effectiveness of aid…”
Wolfensohn scolded the rich nations, saying it is “hypocritical to give debt relief with one hand, and then deny poor countries the ability to export their way out of poverty with the other.” He also said “Africa is the test of whether we can make globalisation work for the poor. Africans must lead their own development efforts, but they need a level playing field.”
When Duodu read Wolfensohn’s spoken words, he said, “…I could not help shouting ‘Wow’!” In a later article, the Wolfensohn / Kohler tandem wrote that “Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for only 2 …

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