The Goal Film Eliyahu Essay Sample

The Goal Film Eliyahu Essay Sample

… had presented to its viewers.

Steven Spielberg once again achieved his mastery in film making with his presentation of “Saving Private Ryan”. It’s another one big and true achievement after his previous film masterpiece “Schindler’s List”.

“Saving Private Ryan” is a movie that displays the guts and glory of soldiers who are willing to die for their country. It is a movie that exhibits bravery, …

… the viewer’s heart with the American Flag waving in the wind, a sequence bestowing patriotic sentiments for the loyal soldiers and citizens of the United States of America.

The film achieved its goal of demonstrating what war really means. Each sequence delivered has been as graphic as a real war could show. The fact that the footages of the film’s first 25 minutes are too …

… currently projects.

Overall, “Saving Private Ryan” is an exceptional movie. The combined talents, resources, and technicalities of the film emerged a movie that made the audiences responsive to each scene projected on screen. The historical information the movie brings are intellectually shared to the viewers, the scenes may be terrible and frightening but the movie only aims to bring reality. Finally, the compassion, heroism, bravery, and loyalty …

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