Goals Of Agricultural Policy In Pakisan Essay Example

Goals Of Agricultural Policy In Pakisan Essay Example

… in maintaining power for the newly named Communist party, than in truly providing for the needs of the peasants of Russia. When Lenin arrived at the Finland station on April 3,1917 this goals were clear. To the soldiers and the workers of the shattered Tsarist Russia he said the following:
I dont know as yet if you all agree with the provisional government, but I …

… a full blown civil war, and the nation would soon fall into anarchy and despair. From 1918 to 1920, an estimated 7 million Russians died of starvation because of the pitiful pace of agricultural and industrial production (Cohen 64). In fact, agricultural output was reduced by 50 percent between 1918 and 1921 and in 1917 the industrial production dropped one-third from its previous level of 1913. …

… maintain his power without his suppression of the intellectuals who saw his errors and inability to bring his promises of bread, peace, and land.
Unlike Lenin, who consistently had to fight to maintain policy implementation, Nehru had the almost immediate acceptance of the people of India. He was assigned a title of respect by the people and all of his actions were seen as benevolent and within …

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