Goffman Garfinkle Essay

Goffman Garfinkle Essay

… Total institutions have several characteristics in common. According to Goffman, a total institution is comprised of a body of authority and its members that must conform to rules and regulations established by an official body that dictates the course of daily activities (Roberts, 2003). Total institutions require that “members” follow daily schedules in groups together, and in many cases describes a total institution as a vehicle of control. The UMASS is similar to a total institution in many ways. Staff and students are required to follow guidelines and schedules established by governing authorities. Unlike a total institution as described by Zimbardo however, UMASS allows students certain freedoms that promote individuality and select freedoms. These ideas are explored further below.

The University of Massachusetts, Boston may be considered a total institution in many ways. Like Goffman’s synopsis of a total institution, UMASS most aspects of faculty and students life is conducted in the same place, namely campus, and generally under the direction of one central authority, the governing educational body (Roberts, 2003). Zimbardo’s examination of a total institution required analysis of a prison environment. In some ways, students at the UMASS may be considered inmates because they are required …

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