The Golden Globet Essay Example

The Golden Globet Essay Example

… for everyone. This amount is what is known as the golden mean. This middle path, Aristotle said, is a middle path “relative to us” that is, relative to each person. For Aristotle, all decisions are like this. In order to live a virtuous life, each person must determine the golden mean for each decision.
For example, if someone us in a dangerous situation, there are two extreme choices: he can make a reckless choice and act impulsively or he can take a cowardly choice and run away. The golden mean in this situation would be to show courage.
Aristotle also …

… autonomic functions, such as digestion. The second is the animal soul, which he described as a conscious part that feels emotions, desires, and appetites. The third is the rational soul, which thinks, evaluates, judges, and forms beliefs and opinions.
According to Aristotle, the animal and rational souls both have the potential to show excellent rationality. The rational soul is often rational in itself, while the animal soul may be ruled by reason. When the rational soul is functioning properly, it acquires wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. Aristotle referred to the habits of thought and intellectual skills involved in this acquisition as …

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