Goldmund Narcissus And Goldmund Essay Sample

Goldmund Narcissus And Goldmund Essay Sample

… immediately Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me. The use of the term swallow indicates that the mirror can draw things into it. The metaphor lake indicates that the mirror is a poll of water that reflects an image. This metaphor also reflects the story of narcissus. He bent over a lake to look at his reflection and was so enthralled with himself that he fell in and drown. The woman looking into the mirror to see herself is implied to be doing the same thing. The combination of these liens together indicates that the mirror has …

… way that people take control over other people.
The sound of the Mirror is appropriate for the feeling that it cerates. The alliteration, metaphor, meter, and personification work well with the sense of the poem. The mirror hangs on a wall and dominates the space. However, it is inanimate and nothing but a rectangle until someone looks into it. This sense is validated in the sound of the poem. The liens move smoothly, are not rimming or whimsical. They simply state fact and image taking over the ideas and sense of the poem. The sound is simple and direct and …

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