A Good Man I Hard To Find Theme Essay Sample

A Good Man I Hard To Find Theme Essay Sample

… use different type of “jewelry” to make us appear to be something we are not.

2. “The Jewelry” is the story of false images and who we believe we are or are not. The image of the man in the jewelry store discovering that the jewelry he has is real , the expression of shock on his face are very important to the theme of the story. The man had always seen himself as poor. He believed the jewelry to be false. At this point, he began to think he was someone else. He was a man with money and he …

… some time in the past, but after he died it started working again. He was buried with it on. This is an ironic and uncomfortable event. However, it says that life will go on even after death and we must face that time marches on.

4. “A Good man is hard to Find” seems to have a religious message that says Jesus is the savior and he upset the evil in the world. The author seems to be saying that Jesus tried to end evil and people need to follow his message. The humor and horror are to set the …

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