Good Ole Days Essay Sample

Good Ole Days Essay Sample

… Examining my Eating Habits

Keeping track of everything I ate for three days was a demanding task, but it showed me that I really do not pay much attention to what I eat or who it impacts me. As a busy student, I tend to grab whatever I can find and I guilty of depending heavily upon fast foods. However, what appears to be most common is that I simply skip food and deal with other things I have to do. I am going to have to correct this.
In examining my computer printout, it was immediately apparent that on …

… getting 32% of the vitamin A I should get. I can add a glass of orange juice to my breakfast and grab another glass of milk instead of drinking highly sweetened coffee drinks and Pepsi when I am thirsty. This will improve my calorie count and it will put good nutrition into what I am eating.
On the plus side I am getting plenty of B vitamins for the complex carbohydrates that I am eating and I think that this is going to stay the same. I also believe that this explains why I have the energy that I do …

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