Good Vs Bad Girls Fairy Tales Essay Example

Good Vs Bad Girls Fairy Tales Essay Example

… about the pains of life and the inequalities of our existence. They are also designed to make children care about others and see that there is a moral self in all people.
Fairy tales make dealing with the pains of life and the realties of life and death easier and understandable to a child. Many of these stories begin with death or some great tragedy. Fairly tales

… perfectly. She becomes the beauty she is inside and the prince takes her to his castle and marries her.
The main theme of this story is showing that even the plainest person has good qualities. It also shows that truth and honesty will be rewarded along with inner beauty and the superficial is meaningless and will not yield a long-term positive return.
“The Algonquin Cinderella”
The …

… group of Indians live by a lake. There is a mysterious man and leader who is invisible and he will only reveal himself to the purest of heart and kindness.
There are three girls who live in the village. The older sisters abuse the younger one and burn her in a fire. She is still pure of heart and can overcome the abuse. She is wanting nothing …

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