Good Woman Of Setzuan Study Questions Essay

Good Woman Of Setzuan Study Questions Essay

… disturbing contents and the issues it makes you think about. How many time would a viewer come out of the cinema with one million questions in his mind, each of which appears to have no obvious answer. That is what happens with Trier films; and with Breaking the waves, you …

… film and the filmmaker to discard this important figure so easily. Instead the director wants us to go a little deeper than this and study this character from the viewpoint of good. What exactly constitutes good in the society and religion? Can there be more than one definitions of a …

… did not want to fail again. Bess believes that by disobeying her parents, she had missed an important opportunity to prove that she was good, and now that God was giving her a second chance, she couldn’t possibly displease him again. And thus she tries to do everything in …

… social conditioning.
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3) Rosemary Jackson, Fantasy: The Literature of Subversion (London and New York: Metheun, 1981)

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