Gothic Virgin Mary Sculpture Essay

Gothic Virgin Mary Sculpture Essay

… Moody 1993). Most authorities believe that Christ as a central figure in this fresco is not anger, but showing a bit of impatience with man and his inability to learn his lessons. The entire fresco seems to show expression of fear and uncertainty except for the version of the Virgin Mary who looks calm and peaceful because she has created a Christ child and knows her fate with God is one of grace and acceptance. However, the scope of Michelangelo¬ís work goes far beyond the work he completed on these frescos for the Vatican.
Michelangelo started his career as …

… , according to Rosenbaum (1996), a wooden crucifix of Christ has been attributed to Michelangelo. While he usually worked in marble, and created well defined and created bodies, the crucifix has a slim body, but still fits with the confines of the work of Michelangelo. Most believe that this small sculpture was created during the artist¬ís adolescence and this is why it does not have the great detail that is found in his other works.
There is no debate that Michelangelo is probably one of the greatest artists to have ever lived. A brilliant painter and sculpture, his service to …

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