Great Barrier Reef Information Essay

Great Barrier Reef Information Essay

… Application Essay
The field of information technology has ushered in technological and scientific advances not seen since the Industrial Revolution. In just a few decades, we have seen the creation of computers, from UNIVAC to the smallest laptops, from vacuum tubes to the tiniest silicon chips. New discoveries and inventions are being made virtually everyday.
It is this promise of constant innovation that draws me to the challenging world of information technology. I believe that the computer program at Name College will provide an excellent foundation for a successful and productive career in computer and database-related work.
Since graduating …

… perfect place for a person like myself, someone who is eager to develop the skills already gained through school and through work experience. In addition, I believe that my academic background and work experience will allow me to contribute significantly to your program.
The field of information technology holds great promise for developments that will continue to enrich people’s lives. With the knowledge gained from Name college’s excellent MIS program, I look forward to being a part of this rich and dynamic discipline.

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