Great Divorce Essay

Great Divorce Essay

… . People put less energy into their marriages and seek the quick fix, but that quick fix may be costing society much more than it is saving.
Divorce is a legal term referring to the end of the socially sanctioned and legally registered relationship of marriage. However, it is a great deal more as well. Parker contends, “it is physically and spiritually devastating, no matter how congenial the players” (313). This is a very true statement. Some people may put on a show about being comfortable with their divorce, but after sharing feelings, intimacy, and life with another person for any …

… supervision when coupled with the emotional strains the parent is feeling can produce teens and young people who are anti-social and unable to form or maintain relationships of their own.
Divorce is seen as a legal action. In Washington, for example, it takes 90 days to get a divorce, and the parties are legally single again. However, this is only one step in the process. An individual must also get an emotional divorce and this can take a very long time or even a lifetime. Many people in our society remain embittered at an ex spouse for years and …

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