The Great Gatsby As A Metaphor For A Whole Society Essay Sample

The Great Gatsby As A Metaphor For A Whole Society Essay Sample

Main characters in King Lear, Fifth Business and Great Gatsby related downfall. Discussion on their downfall and how they coped with it.

… these works of literature, and that is the pathway to development of the main characters. The protagonists in the King Lear, Fifth Business, and Great Gatsby all have a certain personality flaw that makes them stumble on their mistakes. Eventually, they realize their shortcomings, either early enough to adjust own …

… conceit and pride which lead to his ultimate downfall. The demise, however, did have some salvation attributes. The hero has learned a lesson and the crux of the play was relieved with the play tragic ending. Lear is always pompous, always maintaining himself above the rest. This is his inadequacy …

… to be the only thing that mattered at that time, at the expense of his love to Daisy and his conscience. In his pursuit for wealth, he has chosen the wrong path, the path of crime. The ill-gotten riches did not bring emotional happiness, however. The “American Dream” was …

… knowledge and innate assumptions. King Lear, Great Gatsby, and Dunny Ramsay all realize at some point of time that their view of the world was inadequate and they need to correct their manners or presuppositions in order to fit in into society.

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