Greed In America Novel Essay

Greed In America Novel Essay

… also during the 18th century, like Europe and England, that America experiences great economic growth and prosperity.
Nearly all elements of American life brought prosperity during the 18th century. Success in agriculture, trade and manufacturing for example brings new prosperity and with it a culture of nearly all-consuming greed. Money and personal gain are glorified to worshipful proportions by the Civil War. Personal pursuit of profit takes precedence over everything else. With this comes about a lack of respect and care for resources. In the race to gain, and to live the “American Dream”, there is no regard for …

… . This may parallel the European phenomenon of initial resistance to industrialization, and later acceptance. Other ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Chinese immigrants also suffer beneath the burden of racism and cheap labor, while the wealth of the country goes to those who do least. The culture in America is thus much more diverse and problematic than that of Europe. This complicates the preparation for the Industrial Revolution by means of social upheaval. Riots are for example a regular occurrence during this era.
Mineral wealth was exploited in terms of silver and gold. With increase prosperity, these also brought …

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