Greek Art And Greek Rationalism Essay Example

Greek Art And Greek Rationalism Essay Example

… on the Greek philosophers Socrates (470-399 B.C.E.) and Plato (428-348 B.C.E.) are quite convoluted and at times tend to be contradictory in nature. In the case of Socrates, Nietzsches viewpoints are dualistic, ranging from a critical assessment of his rationalism while simultaneously glorifying his position as the quintessential philosopher of the Western world. Yet the foundation of Nietzsches admiration …

… Preface to The Birth of Tragedy, 1886).
Nietzsche also takes into consideration the Socratic notions of human pain and suffering and the absolute depravity of human existence. He equates these conditions with certain Greek myths which explore the nature of suffering and how to continue a fruitful life in spite of the travesties of self-induced anguish. Nietzsche understood this condition very acutely and justified it with …

… moment and even into all future time, has spread over posterity like a shadow that keeps growing in the evening sun, and how it again and again prompts a regeneration of artof art in the metaphysical, broadest and profoundest senseĀ—and how its own infinity also guarantees the infinity of art.
At this point, we can easily see now Socrates and Plato influenced the thoughts and …

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