Greek Education Paper

Greek Education Paper

… Abstract
This three-page analytical research paper discusses the contributions of Alexander the Great and his influence on Western civilization with reference to the historical context thereby taking into consideration the economic, political, social as well as religious elements that were at work.

Alexander the Great
Among innumerable kings, warriors, soldiers, princes, politicians, social reformers and other figures holding high offices and exercising massive authority in their …

… for unique cultural and primary administrative activities. Other kings further followed the architectural style that Alexander employed in his times. However the cities that came into existence as a result lacked practicality and Greek touch. Nonetheless, that influenced the Western civilization in a very positive manner so much so that the architecture of those cities can be witnessed to date. This is because, with this unique architectural …

… to the field of education. Having studied by and being the genius student of one of the greatest philosophers, Aristotle, Alexander the Great motivated his successors as well as his people to promote education and enlighten their generations with the same. “This advocacy of education yielded diverse results (p. 101). Some literary figures spent quality time in producing pieces of criticism. However, there were quite a few …

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