Greek Roman Theater Essay Example

Greek Roman Theater Essay Example

… there really is nothing to fear except the fear itself. If prejudice is due to ignorance than to rid ourselves of this evil we must educate and inform.

The history of homosexuality is one made up of suppression, contempt, violent punishment, religious and social ostracization. The great Roman or Greek empires despised homosexuality for its presumably effeminate characteristics. The Christian emperors and theologists only solution to this supposed crime against nature and church was that, “statutes should arise, and the laws be armed with an avenging sword, that those guilty of such infamous crimes, either now or in the …

… space for teachers. 2. How to address anti-gay/lesbian/bi prejudice. 3. Dealing with people with AIDS — “gay stigma.” 4. Dealing with students who are gay/lesbian/bi; developing support groups; gay/straight alliance. A third resource guide will focus on contemporary culture and queer issues — music, art, theater, novels, and TV — and will present a brief history of the modern lesbian/gay/bi movement. Our educational approach is to contextualize lesbians and gays of color within their communities. A format that separates our lesbians and gays of color would evoke too much resistance, threaten students unproductively, and be …

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