Grendel And Existentialism Essay Sample

Grendel And Existentialism Essay Sample

This is a two page paper that deals with an existentialism topic recently published in Time magazine. There is one reference used.
There are many ways people express their views of existentialism. They can explore the beginnings of the planet through its core, draw a comic strip that explores existentialism or even write a novel that is interwoven with history.
Playing Madame Mao
Singaporean author Lau Siew recently wrote her first novel, Playing Madame Mao, and it is already being compared to the Gabriel Garcias Nobel Prize winning book, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Lau deals with …

… of Chinese communism. During the novel, this character changes to represent Lee Kuan Yew, who was Prime Minister during the communist purge (2002). This character makes the book provocative to Singaporeans because it is a parody of the governments patriarchal policies (2002). The government says Nation before community and society above self (2002) and Lau has the government in her novel stating The Chairman before the nation and the nation above the individual (2002). This gives the people cause to stop and think about what is important to them and what value the government puts on their ideas.
Conclusion …

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