The Hairy Ape Style Eugene O Neil Essay Sample

The Hairy Ape Style Eugene O Neil Essay Sample

… This is a plot summary of Eugene O’Neil’s A Touch of a Poet.

A Touch of the Poet

In the early 1930’s, when Eugene O’Neill was still at the height of his powers as a playwright, he developed one of the most ambitious projects of the American theatre. His intended to write a cycle of nine plays, which …

… and daughter Sara work to keep the establishment from the financial ruined toward which it is headed. When he is drunk the Major shows contempt for what he sneeringly calls their peasant virtues.
The contrast between the irishman’s illusions and the hard-headed practices of his Yankee neighbors is amusingly brought to light when Sara takes under her wing young Simon Hanford, idealistic poet son of …

… think of you?
The curtain falls.
As a dramatist, O’Neill had more than a touch of a poet in his own nature. What he did not have, however, was true poetry of style which makes for greatness in the theatre and drama. His people seldom rise to the elevation of language which gives the dramatic moment that inevitable truth. In A Touch of a Poet, simple …

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