A Hazard Of New Fortunes Essay Sample

A Hazard Of New Fortunes Essay Sample

… September 11 terrorism attacks, it continues to be a potential target. Bomb threats are also often in large and important buildings. With so many of these in New York City, it becomes more vulnerable to an attack. The potential damage by such an event also makes it a significant hazard. Since this event is not a natural one, it is preventable. This could be achieved by setting up systems for individuals to report anything suspicious. This could include educating people on what types of activities they should report. Buildings that are targets could also implement systems to check for anything …

… are damaged, preventing access to damaged areas. With these plans in place, these problems can be overcome and action taken more quickly. This can make rescue and evacuation quicker, reducing the impact of the event.
This concludes the consideration of the five hazards that are considered most significant for New York City. These hazards are significant based on how likely they are to occur and how much impact they are likely to have if they do occur. Consideration of each hazard has shown that a lot can be done to either prevent them from happening, or to minimize the damage …

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