High Rise By Ballard Essay Sample

High Rise By Ballard Essay Sample

… in South Carolina lauds the efforts of one small South Carolina school to eliminate foster an environment of tolerance and unity. Students of Chapin High School participate in the annual Unity Day, holding a variety of different workshops on diversity as well as a pep rally. Unity Day gave rise to a club called STOP, which has been helping students to speak out against intolerance. Students in STOP notice a marked reduction in offensive language and behavior, as more students in the predominantly white high school become more aware of prejudice and racism. Because of its success, the STOP club …

… , religions, and ethnicities to promote understanding and respect. Students need to break out of conditioned patterns of social interaction to overcome ingrained biases and beliefs. This is impossible to do on an intellectual level only; embracing diversity requires direct action. The program probably sparks new friendships, as well. Chapin High Schools Unity Day also seems like a step in the right direction. I feel that more and more programs like these are necessary to improve conditions for all students.
Racism and intolerance hinder education in general. Mix it Up is an example of a positive and proactive measure that …

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