History Human Resource Management Paper

History Human Resource Management Paper

… Abstract
This four-page research paper presents a research proposal based on the emerging concept of WAD or work assignment duration as well as the related advantages and disadvantages involved and the preferences of the employees and the management. The reference page appends four sources in APA format.
Work Assignment …
… This research topic includes the following project area.
Proposal Project Area

This research proposal covers a wide array of sub-fields and areas involving human resource development, management, employee satisfaction and morale and health issues as well as employee opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both national and international touring.

… .
ć To comprehend the significance of flexibility in work assignment duration and the relation of the same with employee job satisfaction, employee morale, productivity, quality, management, employee opportunity to travel and so on and so forth.
ƒá To establish a clear connection between work assignment duration and staff health and work patterns …

… family for years or months at a stretch.
ć Completing WAD in countries having slow and dull market results in employee job dissatisfaction (Trapp, 1996).

The topic under consideration, close scrutiny and thorough discussion has a history that dates back to the times when the concept of labor and employment …

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