The House Of Dies Drear Essay Sample

The House Of Dies Drear Essay Sample

… house and the rumor mill insists that he is a violent man. As proof the rumor offers the story that Boo stabbed his dad in the leg with some scissors.
As children often do the children of this book make up skits and dramas to try and enact Boo’s life. They create him to be a monster who anyone would be deathly afraid if and with each attempt they get closer to his house. They begin to realize the man is not the monster he is portrayed when Jem loses his pants in one escape and someone from the …

… act and behave. While Atticus encouraged discussion and civilized dissent, the aunt insists on quiet and blind obedience.
The upbringing of Atticus wins out when Scout runs to confront the mob gathered at the jail where Tom is held. His trial ends in his being found guilty, and he dies trying to escape.
The book comes to a close when Mr. Ewell tries to exact revenge. He believes his family name is ruined after being made to look foolish on the stand, and he decides to attack Atticus’s children for revenge. When he leaps out at them Jem does …

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