The Human Cost Of And Illiterate Socie Essay Sample

The Human Cost Of And Illiterate Socie Essay Sample

… calls.
One advantage that text messaging is that it allows the user to answer the messages sent to him at a later time when the user is occupied with an activity, or is currently in a meeting. Through text messaging, the user will just read the message, and has the option to answer immediately or later, unlike in phone calls, wherein the persistence of its rings (in silent mode or not) irritates the user, that he is prompted to answer it immediately.
Text messaging is a flexible way to express a message in a direct and short way or through …

… control over their desired emotions (wherein they can show or conceal it), which is not available through phone calls, wherein emotions (and sometimes tension) are known easily through the voice.
Lastly, text messaging is economical. Because of its cheap cost, text messaging is more affordable, and therefore accessible, to people. And because of the accessibility and affordability of text messaging, human communication will become more frequent, resulting to increased communication, and improved relations. Thus, the text-messaging program effectively promoted human communication through the following examples enumerated.

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