Humanities Essay Topics Huckleberry Finn Essay Sample

Humanities Essay Topics Huckleberry Finn Essay Sample

… queer world: The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies reader (pp. 331-344). New York: New York University Press.

Multicultural Education and Queer Youth


Savagely beaten, tied to a fence-post and left bleeding in the cold, twenty-one year-old Matthew Shepard …

… is not a sexuality expert, and that it is a topic he is “grossly undereducated about.” Despite this setback, Jarvis made a speech titled “Overcoming Homophobia: A Personal Journey,” sponsored by The Utah Humanities Council and the Wasatch Front Unitarian Fellowship. Jarvis, a professor emeritus, did not want to focus on gays and lesbians; instead, he focused on the perceptions many heterosexuals have of homosexuals. For a …

… lives and achievements and identifies their sexual orientations (many of the subjects are treated in current curricula — but their sexual orientation isnt); directly quotes from the subjects letters or writings, especially on topics like racism and the struggles of the Black, Latino, and Asian-American communities. While we are basing the resource book mainly on existing sources, some primary research is necessary: e.g., oral history …

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