A Hungry Artist By Franz Kafka Essay

A Hungry Artist By Franz Kafka Essay

… . As a Czech but a German-speaking one and as an unbeliever among Jews, he does not feel he belongs. Turning to his family who should provide him with an open and strong personality model, his father is overly critical, imposing and unsympathetic, especially towards his only love – writing.
Franz’’s life was also the basis of Gregor’s, in that Franz worked diligently during his time as an entry-level employee at the Workmen’s Accident Insurance Institute for the Kingdom of Bohemia. Here, he worked diligently as a functionary till he retired in 1922. He would have even …

… unconscious mind and for so long that he has come to believe it must be true. His writings express his self-rejection but instead called the attention of others after his death and soon, Kafka became a strong literary figure.
Illness is also a strong symbol in this story. Kafka’’s mother was of weak and sickly constitution and so is Gregor’s. Not only chronic physical illness plagues his family and home, but also chronic dependence and violence in the person of his sister and father. He could be unconsciously hating his father for making his business collapse and …

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