The Hybrid Vehicle Consumer Acceptance Study Essay Sample

The Hybrid Vehicle Consumer Acceptance Study Essay Sample

.. . The government had to clear several hurdles in order to implement PFI into the NHS.

Many investors feared that the legal status of the NHS Trusts might not protect investors in the event of financial failure, leading to intense suspicion …

… , some organisational changes had to take place. For one, the Capital Prioritisation Advisory Group (CPAG) was assigned as the vehicle for approving PFI developments.

While these projects were being developed, only six publicly funded hospitals were approved ( Broadbent, et al …

… to 2001 and 2002.

PFI was widely institutionalised through legislation and procedure but this did not ensure a widespread acceptance of the PFI in the health services industry. The public continued to pressure the government with its concerns regarding PFI …

… the Conservative government in the early 1990s, had failed to bring in the benefits expected from markets, including more consumer-led services, fewer costs, and an improved quality of care (Warne, et al, 2002, Baker, 2000).

In response to the …

… , James. (1982). Patterns of Politics Behavior in Organizations, pp. 403 – 412.

Freidson E. (1970). The Profession of Medicine: A study of the sociology of applied knowledge. Mead and Co, New York.

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