Ideal Home Essay Sample

Ideal Home Essay Sample

… either enemies or allies to the English cause. Henry himself was Welsh, but what qualities or characteristics constitute the ideal “Englishman?” Is there such a thing? If so, where do the play’s cast of “others” fit in?
According to Shakespeare’s “Henry V,” many believe the “ideal Englishman” is brave, bold, and convinced of his own righteousness, and this could certainly describe King Henry as he leads his men off to battle. The perfect Englishman may not enjoy the fight, but he will not turn away from it if necessary. “The sum of all our answer is …

… others, except those who realize he can fight along with the best of them.
Thus, the ideal Englishman gives up his native tongue, and speaks like a “real” Englishman, as Henry must have done to earn the respect and adoration of his people that he finds when he returns home from France. In fact, in his speeches, it would be difficult to tell he was Welsh, she sounds just like the “ideal” Englishman.
Conversely, Shakespeare portrays the French as cocky and arrogant – they always have the “best” armour and the best horses, and believe their fighting against the British will …

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