Ideas For A Philosophy Paper

Ideas For A Philosophy Paper

… has always been remembered as one of the Great American Thinkers in history. Many of his ideas and many of his ideals went on to become part of what is known as the greatest nation on earth. Ben Franklin was known in several venues of life including politics, science and philosophy(philosopher
Franklin’s economic ideas also helped shape …

… franklin/philosop/philosop.html).
Franklin’s economic ideas also helped shape the nation. Franklin was a large supporter of capitalist methods. He believed if one wanted to be financially successful one should work for it. He also believed that hard work and dedication would light the path to success if one stayed on course and did not become lazy(Ben Franklin …

… Dream” as it is called today, because he promoted and blueprinted the economic path for capitalism(Ben Franklin
“Ben used his printing skills to print paper money, helping to establish the paper currency system in America(Ben Franklin” Today, his face appears on the $100 bill as an honor for his …

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