Identity Development Of Foster Youth Essay Sample

Identity Development Of Foster Youth Essay Sample

… , and the decline of the melting-pot ideology, which is the belief of relinquishing one’s own cultural heritage and adopting a new American identity. Ethnocentrism, the belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group, is a phenomenon that exists across cultures and is by no means a …

… styles of African American students must be considered to
facilitate learning;
3. Constructivist and culturally relevant pedagogical approaches should be
adopted to facilitate intellectual development;
4. Teacher training must be a high priority;
5. A positive school culture must exist and
6. Parents must be involved to promote their children …

… underachievement, by identifying the psychological, social, and cultural forces contributing to the problem of underachievement, and by applying a variety of methodological interventions to foster positive academic achievement for all students (Hale-Benson, 1986; Irvine, 1992; Shade, 1995).
This paper addresses the need to offer a curriculum that provides African …

… for their children through the public school system (Ratteray, 1990). Integration became the primary means to obtain a quality education for urban African American youth. This quest “was never a battle to sit next to white children in a classroom. It was and still is a struggle for an equal …

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