Iliad Influence Essay Sample

Iliad Influence Essay Sample

… way that heroes would have acted in his own lifetime, instead of worrying about the way they may or may not have acted during the actual Trojan War. This was like the liberties both he and Homer took with the gods in their works.
Another major difference between The Iliad and The Aeneid is that The Aeneid often has much deeper meanings hidden in it, beyond what is seen in the actual story. The Iliad is written to be what it is—a story that takes place during the Trojan War. Homer didn’t really add anything else symbolic or …

… only differences between the two works, however. The time period that they were created in makes a difference in that The Aeneid is based on philosophical ideas, while The Iliad was created in a time where philosophy wasn’t even heard of yet. A philosophy called ‘Stoicism’ had an influence on the writing of The Aeneid, while The Iliad does not have any philosophical influences at all. Some of that is apparent, but most of it is difficult to notice.
Another important point to be noted when reading and comparing the two works is that Virgil makes many references to …

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