Illegal Driver S License Essay

Illegal Driver S License Essay

… money, giving an allowance, taking someone’s money, refusing access to family income, controlling the family through coercion or threats, threatening to hurt someone, threatening to leave or commit suicide, threatening to report someone in the family to the authorities, forcing or intimidating to drop charges, coercing to perform illegal acts, controlling through intimidation, causing fear through gestures or acts, smashing things, displaying weapons, controlling through the children, using the children to transmit messages, controlling others through isolation, threatening to take the children away, controlling what someone in the family does or says, limiting a members outside involvement, showing …

… calls or obtaining a cell phone; opening own bank account or credit card; and taking the children out safely. The victims must check these items when planning to escape: the children (when it is safe), money, keys, extra clothes, medicines, important documents, birth certificates, school and medical records, drivers license, car registration, passports and green cards, lease or rental agreement, insurance, address books, bankbooks or credit cards, pictures, jewelry and childrens items. Once out of the house, the victim should think about keeping a cell phone, her safety, changing the locks, telling friends and neighbors about her escape …

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